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17 October 2005 @ 12:53 am
After reading my previous post, I realized that a person could respond by saying: "I'm not uncertain about anything...i'm just sure no one can know anything about religious matters for certain." Yet, this very statement is a statement of certainty about religious matters! To stand by it and say it is true is to contradict yourself, and to say that it is not true is to admit your position is false.

So, where do we go from here? Obviously, if it is false that we "can't know for sure anything" about religious matters, it follows that it's true that we CAN know SOMETHING for sure. In other words, some sort of objective truth must exist in religious matters. That is to say, some religious claim must be true and its opposite(s), false.

Again, that sets up an interesting question for each one: If there is an objective truth, am I willing to look for it, or just hope for the best that I'll discover it one day? I would certainly think it to be more responsible and a whole lot safer to be sure about ultimate questions than to just "hope" you find out you're right. That's like jumping out of an airplane with a pack on your back and "hope" it has a parachute in it. It's absurd. You don't treat matters of such importance nonchalantly. So, again, I challenge you to use this site as a resource to ask the difficult questions of life and take the journey I did into the unknown and seek after the truth that CAN be known.
15 October 2005 @ 03:46 am
Let's think about this for a minute: Can a person who says we can't be sure about truth be sure of that claim? You say, "If they say yes, they contradict themselves, if they say no, they admit their position if false." Exactly, because Agnosticism is self-defeating.

"Wait a second!" the agnostic replies. "That's not what we believe. We just say you can't be sure about faith matters." However, this commits the same flaw. If I am sure I can't be sure about faith matters, then I just stated something about faith matters that I can be sure about! Again, it defeats itself.

So, my challenge for you is this: If it is self-defeating to be agnostic, thus I can know something for sure about faith matters, don't you think it's important to start asking some serious questions about things?

That is what this site is all about. I am a person who doubted and nearly walked away from my faith. I've been there in life asking the hard questions. I know what it's like to be unsure about what's true and what's not. Please send your questions, comments, and thoughts. It is my full pleasure to serve you in discussing matters of life questions and addressing your concerns about Christianity. This is not a preaching and ranting and raving site, just here to be a resource for you to ask questions and engage in meaningful debate of these things since they matter to our lives.